About Me ~

A demons lair

I'm Etheri

I happen to be a kinky geeky woman that has been fabulously in love with BDSM and hypnosis for about six years now, and there is so much to geek out about and learn while having massive amounts of fun.
As it happens, I have chosen to create a few hypnotic experiences and share them with you! It's a running project, but you will find a lot of it is succubus/demon/fantasy themed.
This is because of two reasons, I like fantasy, and I like being a succubus. 

My Style

My hypnosis style is often very permissive, I enjoy the patterns and fantasies you come up with in your mind and letting them breathe is important.  
When I say permissive I'm not implying my files can't be very controlling, therefore I urge you to read the descriptions and check the content tags thoroughly.

I want to make fair content

Even if I'm an amazing powerful dominant succubus I don't want to fall into the trope of creating content for enslaving my listeners or building dependency or anything like that. 
My honest interest in this is creating enjoyable engaging hypnosis recordings to make you feel good.
Because if you feel good, have a healthy balanced life then so will I.
(I'm the one feeding on your life essence after all ~)

Have fun! Much Love -E